domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

New Stuff!

Studio Sessions @ La Casa Arde


Tijuana - Mexico
Photographer - Andrea Noel

Peña Film!

Check it out! Showing Danny Peña around Tijuana and taking photos.

Peña Film Bit
My friend Paola has helped me become a bit more familiar with the city of Tijuana. I will begin my photo series entitled “Welcome to the New Berlin Wall” this week! Make sure to check out her work! PANCA

wheatpasting on sexta
This weekend I put up some new street art in Tijuana Mexico on calle 6ta Vinyl Revolver was there to take pictures and  hang out, thanks again for the support! check out the art next to Pizza Al Volo comedor

Panca en La Casa Arde

 foto: Andrea Noel

Vinyl Revolver Photos!